What is Picture2Cloud?

Picture2Cloud is an image publishing platform that allows you to create fast screenshots and publish then in 3 simple steps.

Where can i use it?

Currently you can run Picture2Cloud on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

How to start?

It is very easy. Just download an appropriate client and start it. After starting select an option that you need and bingo! You can also watch a quick brief about Picture2Cloud


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What is Picture2Cloud?

Picture2Cloud is a fast image publishing software. You can capture your screen and publish (or edit) it in a couple of seconds.

Screenshot capturing

A lot of image capturing options + powerful integrated image editor allows you to edit your screenshots on the fly.

Powerful image editor

You can quickly edit or annotate your screenshots. Built-in functionlity allows to add shapes, text and a lot of other elements.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage allows you to save your images and access them when you need. You can change it's expiration date after registration.